How do we join Coupontra?

For viewing the normal/exclusive coupons you need to register . Once you submit the details of your the website you shall be able to view the coupons.

Vendor Registration

Once registered, how do we submit our coupons and deals? Your brand ID will be created on Coupontra. Once that is done, Our Relationship Manager will share the login of your Vendor Dashboard. Coupontra will mail user the manual for the same. With the assistance of a dashboard you can add & edit your coupons/deals at your convenience.

How can we reach out to a larger audience?

Coupontra has a very vibrant social presence. It is the growing Coupon community in India having an excellent fan-base. Higher value coupons/ deals will be given etter exposure through our Newsletters,Coupon Booklets, brochure, Browser Push activity and Socials Media Activity.

How much we have to pay for the sales received/credited through Coupontra?

The sales received/credited may vary merchant to merchant and campaign to campaign. For more information please get in touch with your Relationship Manager

Who will be the one point contact for us at Coupontra in case of any query?

Our executives will be available from 11am to 7pm on Weekdays. You can write to us at or our Relationship Managers will get in touch with you to resolve your queries.

On which sections on the website (except merchant page) can we expect our coupons to get listed or featured?

If it is a Coupontra exclusive offer or Special Promotion offer, you can request your relationship manager to display the offer on Coupontra Home Page under Today’s Top Offers. The offer will also be displayed on related Category/list and Brand Pages. Cost- effective offers will be set on top position on these pages. In case of Festive we offer the Special Festive Offers, we will promote your offer on our Special Promotion page.